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Best Tailwind CSS Templates

Ali Muhammad Zahid
・3 min read

What is Tailwind CSS?
Tailwind CSS is a highly customizable CSS framework that gives its users all the building blocks required to build custom user interfaces. Tailwind provides its users with a modern way of styling their HTML and creating stunning UIs which are both responsive and attractive.

Most CSS frameworks like Bootstrap, Bulma, and Foundation have a lot of built-in ready-made components that will give your design process the boost it needs in the beginning but when it comes to making your website stand out with a custom design, these frameworks don’t provide much customizability. For this very reason Tailwind CSS has been gaining popularity among developers around the world.

These are some of the best premium Tailwind CSS templates out their:
P.S to be clear this isn’t a ranking

1. Open PRO - $39
Open PRO is a stunning landing page template that comes with
a dark layout and a clean UI. This template is an ideal
solution for different kinds of SaaS and app websites as it
has multiple pages and components.Some of its key features
- Premium template
- Multiple pages, sections, and components
- Available in HTML
- React and Vue Support

Click here to get Open PRO

2. Radian - $13
Radian is a state of the art architecture website with a bold
and modern design. It is best for use by architecture firms,
as it provides a modern look for architects to display their
portfolios. Here are some of its key features:
- Premium template
- Fully responsive layout
- Retina ready
- Cross-browser tested
- Fully customizable
- Meets WCAG accessibility guidelines

Click Here to get Radian

3. SaasFolio - $29
SaasFolio is a conversion-driven landing page template for
SaaS products and startups. It has a strong sales copy and
content hierarchy that makes it stand out from the rest. All
copy in this landing page helps you in crafting a strong
message for your visitors and assures you a definite increase
in your conversion rate. Following are some of the key
features SaasFolio has.
- 95+ Google PageSpeed
- Complete W3C Valid HTML5 Files
- Detailed documentation

Click Here to get SaasFolio

4. Topson - $14
Tompson is a fully customizable web UI-based theme and app
dashboard application. This template is composed carefully to
render into various kinds of device screens, and it includes
unique pages and elements that can help you build a fresh
chat application based on Tailwind CSS. Following are some of
its features:
- Fully Responsive Layout
- Includes login & register page
- SASS Powered

Click Here to get Topson

5. Foodies - $13
Foodies is an innovative website that can prove to be a game-
changer for a restaurant or food delivery service. It has an
appealing design that ensures that foodies stand out from the
rest. It has the following key features:
- Premium template
- Fully responsive layout
- Retina ready
- Cross-browser tested
- Fully customizable
- Meets WCAG accessibility guidelines

Click Here to get Foodies

6. Concavo - $28
Concavo is an exceptional admin template that’s built with
React, Redux, Next.js, Tailwind CSS, and SASS. It includes
more than a 100 ingredients in every layout, and lots of
custom made widgets to help you kickstart your next project.
- 2 example dashboards
- Automatic code splitting
- Hot code reloading and universal rendering

Click Here to get Concavo

7. Midone - $25
Midone is a highly practical and fully responsive template
from its core. Designed to fit perfectly in various kinds of
devices. It also includes several unique pages and components
that can help you build an admin application quickly and
easily. Here are some of its features:
- Fully Responsive
- Modular JS & CSS Code
- File manager applications
- FREE lifetime updates

Click Here to get Midone

All templates mentioned in this article have their own uniqueness and what sets them apart from other templates out there is the uniformity in their design, customizability and overall innovativeness. Tailwind CSS is an awesome framework especially considering it lets you customize web apps the way you want to, without any hiccups and helps your design stand out.

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