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How to Enable iTunes Dark Mode?

iTunes is a popular music player that lets you listen to your music in a dark environment. Apple has been gradually introducing native dark modes into its software, including Windows and Mac. After setting a dark color scheme in iTunes, the software will automatically apply the dark theme. While this feature can be frustrating at first, it will make browsing through your music library much more comfortable. You can also enable this feature in Google Chrome and Google Earth.

To enable this feature in iTunes, you will need to update to MacOS Mojave. Once the update is complete, you will be able to turn on dark mode. The dark theme will make all letters on the interface appear white, while the background will be black. This can help prevent eye strain and improve sleep quality. This feature is also available for iOS and Mac OS X. You can enable iTunes dark mode in the preferences panel of the software.

Update Mac OS

Installing the dark theme in iTunes is simple and can be applied to Mac OS X or Ubuntu. The program will automatically detect the system and switch to dark mode when the system goes to sleep. Once the system has been updated, dark mode will be enabled in iTunes. This will make your music library more readable and less distracting to your eyes. You can also choose to have the dark theme on the desktop for the rest of your apps and on the home screen of your computer.

Reboot Your Computer

If you have problems applying dark mode in iTunes, it may be necessary to reboot your computer. In that case, simply try restarting your computer. If you can't make the changes to your iTunes, you can restore the settings by refreshing your system. If it still doesn't work, you can try rebooting your PC. If the issue persists, you may have to update iTunes. In addition to this, you should consider updating your computer's OS and iTunes to avoid having issues with the dark version.

If you're looking to watch movies in the dark, you can use iTunes as a dark theme on your PC. If you prefer a black background, you can use it as a background for your computer. It is also possible to access your music library from other computers, but this will result in white letters and a black background. When you're using the dark mode, the app will start in the dark. Once it's started, the screen will be black with white text.

Dark Mode Best For Night

It's also important to use dark mode when you're working at night. This is because the bright screen causes eye strain, which is detrimental to your health. Besides, the bright screen also affects the system's brightness, which will disturb your sleep. To avoid this, you should use iTunes's dark mode. If you're using your PC during the day, use it in the morning hours. In the evening, you'll be more productive in this way.

Once you've installed Dark Mode, it will automatically switch everything on your system to black. While you can still browse and play music in the dark without any problems, this feature has several advantages. Using it in the night will help you avoid eye strain and improve your computer's overall experience. If you have a Mac, you'll see the dark theme from the start. You'll also see white background in the iTunes app if you're using iTunes in the dark mode.
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Effective for Eyes

Using dark mode in iTunes is not only good for your eyes, but it also protects your eyes from the blue light. It's also recommended for those who are sensitive to blue light. By switching to dark mode, you'll be able to avoid eye strain and improve your sleep. However, if you're using a Windows PC, you might want to install iTunes's dark mode first. This way, it will be easier to read the text.


iTunes dark mode is not supported on newer versions of Windows, so you'll need to manually switch the system theme. If you're using iTunes on a Windows PC, you'll have to change the system theme in order to enable it. This will allow iTunes to run in the dark. Changing the system theme will enable the feature automatically in most apps. While you'll be able to use the same settings in iTunes, you can also install a custom dark theme in iTunes to customize the application.

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