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Discussion on: Which RSS Reader Do You Use?

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Ali Orhun Akkirman

Its not self hosted but Inoreader is very good choice.

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Kay Sauter

Seconding Inoreader! I've tried quite some RSS and I got stuck with that one. It has in my opinion the best features to offer. Yes, it is not for free, but it also offers Smartphone-Apps so you can read it underway.
I've also tried Feedly but I've found Inoreader much better. IMHO, Inoreader has the best UX I know for RSS so far.
If you've tried Inoreader in the past you should give it a try again because it's added some new features in the recent months.

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Itachi Uchiha Author


I used it also. First of all, it forces us to make a choice. You're facing a pricing limit. I don't want to know a limit rule. Why should I care about the limit when I only use RSS reader?