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re: Thanks for the post! I have a few questions if you don’t mind: Any reason you choose to create and import the app directly instead of using the f...

Hi. Thanks for your questions :)

1-) Actually, this is a habit for me. I never used a factory method in my Flask apps. Also, I don't know what are the benefits of factory methods.

2-) I use gunicorn.

3-) I usually use dotenv. But I used class-based configs for this post :)

4-) I don't understand this question :/

Thanks :)


The fourth question means:
How do you deploy your monolith/microservices to your server?

Hmm. I'm using the EB CLI.

Firstly, I install it.

pip install awsebcli — upgrade

I also set secret keys for the elastic bean in the ~/.aws/config file.

[profile eb-cli]
aws_access_key_id = MY_KEY
aws_secret_access_key = MY_SECRET

and then I use these commands.

eb init -p python-3.6 my-flask-app — region WHICH_REGION_DO_YOU_USE

eb init

eb create flask-env

eb open

Did you mean this? :P I hope :/)

Yes, thank you. I’ve never used elastic beanstalk before, I’ll add it to the list of services to explore. Thanks for all your answers!

Actually, I only used it twice times. I'll use gcloud or azure next times. (This is my plan). Thanks :)

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