Dark Themes are better than Light Themes in Code Editors

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For as long as I can remember, I've used a dark theme for my code editors. It makes my eye strain less (especially in the evening), the code looks prettier, and it's often easier to spot errors as they stand out better against the darker backgrounds.

What about you? Do you prefer a dark theme for your editor or a light theme for your editor?

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I use a dark theme for everything I can. I spend hours every day staring at a screen, so anything to save the ol' peepers is valuable to me.

Speaking of which, it's about time I reinstalled f.lux.


I use light theme in day and dark theme in night but I work almost in light theme. It is hard for me when switching light screen (like when you surf facebook, reading articles, doing code review in Gitlab, Github,... or simple when you are reading with paper book, that is everything come with light by defaut) to dark screen (by using dark theme)


Most of my windows have a white background and the reason is I can see less glare on the screen. My iMac has a glossy screen and with a black background I'd really have an hard time watching the screen. One of my team mates tried one of those anti-glare screen protectors but he didn't like it and that's the reason why I din't try one myself. Maybe I should try a different brand, but the white background doesn't bother me at all.
Even on my iPhone I've tried the black theme for Safari reader mode and didn't like it at all, in fact I find the white (or slightly yellow) background with black fonts to be more restful to my eyes, especially while scrolling. Maybe this is due to the iPhone having an OLED display.


I like a light theme. But I also noticed that my screen brightness is much, much lower than anyone else’s. When I return to my screen after looking at something at a colleague’s computer (with a dark theme), it feels like entering a room with the lights off.


I've had a dark theme for every IDE i've ever used except Eclipse. And I don't use Eclipse anymore. XD


I do what I can to have a darker theme, but I find a lot of them are far too dark. There's a theme on SQL Dev that's Black with Dark Blue text. That never made sense to me.

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