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Name one tool you absolutely can't live without...

alfki profile image Sebastian ・1 min read

Imagine you were told to do your regular day job on a new machine. The machine comes with your favorite IDE pre-installed but without any additional tools (apps, extensions, you name it!).

Imagine you were allowed to pick ONE additional tool that gets added to the machine. Which would you pick? And why?


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My love-hate with VSCode (and TypeScript).


As a developer doing a lot of work in CSharp, my pick is definitely: LinqPad. It has taught me so much about CSharp, OOP and programming in general through its sleek interface. It really begs for you to do "trial and error" exploration with the frameworks, tools and languages.

PS: Joseph Albahari is the creator of LinqPad and also a top-notch writer (I highly recommend his 'C# Bible' C# in a Nutshell, which also features a lot of sample files in LinqPad and has just received a major overhaul for C# 8).


Absolutely VIM.
I can live without a fancy IDE, but god forbid I have to work with a basic vi or nano one more time... I would throw myself out of the next best window.


It's one of the tools where investing in pays off tremendously. You're in good company 😁