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Discussion on: Gatsby vs Next.JS - What, Why and When?

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alfanzain • Edited on

I have working on Next.JS project and I hate it.
Annoying routing. Annoying deploying.
And I really don't understand what is the difference between dynamic and static on this context.

You said, "If you have lots of content or if you expect your content to grow a lot over time, then static generated web pages are not the best solution for you."

It means that Next JS generate static web page when 5 school page when data from API just have 5 school data, and when data from API increased to 100 school Next JS generate static web for 100 school?

Plus, annoying deploying.
I have VPS with apache (only. my nginx is crashed) and it's SUPER difficult to deploy Next.JS project. So I am forced to 'static export' the project.