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18F | Consulting engineer | Remote, with offices in SF, NY, DC, Chi

18F partners with agencies to improve the user experience of government. We pair with federal, state, and local governments on cloud adoption, open source, and Agile. Remote-first with a strong virtual culture and a vibrant-but-not-overwhelming Slack.

From the job description: "Impact in this role can’t be measure on a GitHub contribution graph; ideal candidates should be equally comfortable solving technical problems by writing code, explaining technical design architecture to technical and less technical folks alike, and leading organizational strategy and change."

The posting: join.tts.gsa.gov/join/consulting-s....

As of 2/6 this is an "Upcoming" role. Federal hiring can be quirky. Once the job role is open, it may only be open for ~5 days. If you are interested, you may want to prepare your government-style resume ahead of time.

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