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Why Should Your Team Collaborate in The Cloud?

Why Should Your Team Collaborate in The Cloud?

Cloud computing is a fast-growing solution for collaboration and data storage issues. Collaborating in the cloud involves multiple people accessing, viewing, and editing documents in real-time. Whether you want to do easy file transfers, work on meeting notes, or handle a proposal, cloud collaboration is the way to go.

If you aren't convinced, below are five reasons you should consider cloud collaboration. For ideal collaborations, we also offer some tips to get you rolling.

Enhanced Organization

When you collaborate in the cloud, all documents are in an accessible, central location. Team members can edit a document without emailing an updated version to everyone else. Plus, there are no more hassles with tracking the latest versions.

Ease of Deployment

Cloud collaboration solutions are a breeze to deploy and maintain. Mostly, they don't require much more than activating a licensing to get you going. You don't need to download software or install expensive hardware.

You can also usually try a cloud collaboration solution free for a limited time. When you take a trial run, you're more confident that the tool will work for you before investing in it.

Greater Participation

Making it easier for employees to access projects means more people are participating in the process. Everyone on the team has the chance to offer input, and they can do it from anywhere at any time.

Better Access To Big Files

The typical email server cannot handle files bigger than a few megabytes. Also, version control is complicated when you're emailing documents to multiple people. When you need to work with colossal audio or video files, cloud collaboration is the solution.

You can offer access to the file in the cloud where it's centrally stored. The need to send files is over, and there's no delay in distribution.

Updates In Real-Time

Your team can work on documents and other projects and never be in the same room, state, or country. Updates and edits show in real-time, and anyone can access them. Remember when there was confusion about which version was the latest one? Those days are gone!

More Effective Brainstorming

The cloud can be a place where brainstorming thrives. You can share ideas and have productive conversations with unlimited people worldwide. It's a perfect medium for facilitating communication between employees and managers, team members, and other stakeholders.

3 Tips For Ideal Cloud Collaboration

Now that you understand how collaboration in the cloud benefits you, here are some useful hints to make your collaborations better:

1. Keep Everyone Organized

It's vital to ensure all team members are on the same page. Good organization is essential with cloud collaboration. Without staying organized, not even files residing in the cloud will ensure your project's success.

2. Delegate Tasks

Don't attempt to handle all project tasks collectively. Delegate critical tasks to team members and ensure everyone understands what they need to do. Also, lay out deadlines and expectations.

3. Centralize Communication

Having one application and process for communicating in the cloud will ensure your project is successful. You can track team discussions, invite new people, and document the project as it progresses.


Whether you own a small business or are a big corporation manager, cloud collaboration offers many benefits. A Frost & Sullivan survey shows that companies that spend money on the cloud usually have a 400% ROI. In addition to the advantages we mention here, this number clarifies that working in the cloud is worth the expense.

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