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Which the best IDE ?

Have you ever wondered which is the best IDE?, there is one bigger than all other IDE? let's find out next.

What is a IDE?

To understand which is the best IDE, First you have to understand what it is.

Developers use the IDE to make it easier for us to write code through different tools or plugins. So the more plugins an ide has, the better it is?

vscode, the most famous code editor, is recognized for the same reason, however, there are many other IDE that have a more friendly environment and are preferred by other developers.

An IDE for everyone

It should be noted that vscode is cataloged by many developers as the best code editor for javascript and python, but not for other languages.

What determines how good an IDE is?

Plugins: since it determines how many things you can add to your ide to improve and customize it

Friendly: how is the atmosphere, when you enter you feel comfortable?

Popular: how popular it is will determine if you need to learn how to use it, because it will be easier to find updates, plugins, or groups using the IDE

Which do you think is the best IDE why?

With the above in mind, answer the question and help beginning web developers choose the best IDE.

Discussion (17)

kevinhaube profile image
Kevin Haube

While I'm fully invested in the idea that the IDE is objectively good or bad dependent on the project, if "the project" was code for "my favorite languages", I'd pick IntelliJ IDEA. I love that the paid version lets me build client apps alongside my server apps, and I'm a big Kotlin and Typescript fan, so a serverless Kotlin framework and a React Typescript app would be what my project consisted of.

As far as the criteria, popularity is in its corner; it's a highly popular option and the core of another IDE, AndroidStudio. It feels rigid, though most IDEs do so I'll knock it on friendliness, and it's mid-tier on plugin support. Not quite the VScode suite of options, but some great themes and useful addons can make the experience a bit nicer!

devpaps profile image
Lars Jönsson

For me it's Neovim. Though it's not an IDE, it's more of a PDE (Personal development environment). I like it because it let's me customize it as the way i want. And it's easy on my system, i work on my old lady MacBook from 2013. 😄

timerunner2359 profile image
Ehsan Ghorbani

Nice to meet another neovim user 😄✌️

devpaps profile image
Lars Jönsson

Haha! It sure is! 🤓

scanepa profile image
Stefano Canepa

There is no best IDE, and it's a matter of taste and habit.
I use vscode for almost everything nowadays, but all editors could be "transformed" in excellent IDE, even the good old emacs and vim. IntelliJ IDEA is good, KDevelop works very well, Builder is neat and straightforward to use, Geany is a less known but suitable to introduce kids to coding.

brianmcbride profile image
Brian McBride

I really like JetBrain's IDEs.

However, I've switched to VSCode full time. For only these reasons:

  • It works well with WSL2. I do not like X for JetBrains and the bridge to WSL2 sucks.
  • Github CoPilot is great. I love the advanced auto-complete that tool offers. Now that I say that, I just checked and it is available for JetBrains now. So, maybe that is worth checking out.
  • Live Share. I don't use it a ton, but my team really enjoys using it. So it gets pulled in often.
  • Slow. I am still on a Mac i9. Maybe picking up a new mac with the Mx chip will make a difference here? Not that VSCode is always fast. The more extensions, the more painful a project can seem.
  • Extensions. There isn't much JetBrians really needs as it covers sooo much. Refactoring is awesome in JetBrains. Still, I have to say that I've enjoyed the specific extensions to assist in the tools I use.

I am looking forward to Fleet though. I think the chance for the JetBrians' team to create a fresh UX will give them the opportunity for a highly responsive front-end while leveraging their code engine in a more performant way. We will see when we see, but I am very hopeful.

t0nyba11 profile image
Tony B

Everyone will give subjective opinions, but nothing comes close to vscode with a few simple to install extensions. What Microsoft achieved in such a short space of time outdid every other ide on the market, including their own.

diogorodrigues profile image
Diogo Rodrigues

I've been using VSCode for my last few years after a long time using Sublime Text. And TBH rarely tried other modern IDEs. I love VSCode and all the flexibility it gives me as a Front End Developer. While I don't see the need to change the VSCode to another IDE, I have no problem trying another one since it won't impact my productivity a lot.

jwp profile image
John Peters

VS2022 for C#, VSCode for TypeScript and Javascript, IntelliJ for Java.

matthewsalerno profile image

I've been using vscode but I've been trying to get competent in emacs and vim in intervals. Reason being for large codebases it can be much faster to navigate if you get good at it. It also helps to have something you can fire up in a terminal. Still, vscode (or rather code oss) reigns supreme for me.
I can talk about IDE's I don't like for a second: quartus, ti CCS, visual studio proper, eclipse to a lesser extent. Reason being they all obfuscate the build process, this makes customising your workflow near impossible, not to mention they rely on paid services which can be a pain for teamwork. TBF I haven't given visual studio or eclipse a fair shot so maybe I'm wrong in some aspects.

ishanpro profile image
Ishan Tiwari

I think Ide's are heavy and addictive so I use Sublime Text instead

robsonmuniz16 profile image
Robson Muniz • Edited on

There isn't a better one🏆, it really depends on what you want to do.
In my Projects whether as YouTuber or Freelancer I use: VS Code and WebStorm.

alexmaldonadosoto profile image
AlexMaldonadoSoto Author

For me it is sublime text because it has a very friendly environment, it is easy to use and it has many plugins.

killshot13 profile image
Michael R.

VSCode - popularity, extensibility, well-maintained software, integration with Git & GitHub workflows

dilutewater profile image
Rachit Khurana

VSCode has been my go to along with kate text editor.

__068f9a306831326259d3 profile image
伟峰 商