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You can use Gatsby with the data coming from any CMS you like (Contentful, WordPress, Drupal, Firebase, etc). For a small blog, you should be fine with a free tier for most of them.

Once you have set up the site, your partner can interact with the CMS directly without relying on you.


As someone who has recently started a blog with Gatsby, I would definitely recommend this option.


I didn't realize one might use Firebase to host the blog content. Do you have to define the data structure is that handle by the Gatsby template?

Thank you for your help, Alex! It's super helpful.


There are plugins call gatsby-source-firebase and gatsby-source-firestore that let you query data from firebase.

You’d have to define the data structure. You’d have to do that for other CMS too (except for WordPress or Drupal).

I’d be happy to dive deeper if you wanna learn more about Gatsby. Big fan and would love to spread the word. Feel free to reach out!

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