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The Secret to Getting Literally Anything Done

alexlsalt profile image Alex Morton ・2 min read

This post was originally published on June 25, 2020 on my blog.

The secret to get anything done during your day is to break it up into individual parts and do them one by one.

This doesn't have to be done officially on, like, paper. Rather, you should get into the habit of breaking things down into parts on literally anything that makes you instinctively think 'Ugh, that seems like a lot...I'm going to busy myself with something else in the meantime to put off having to get started on that...'

While this is mostly having to do with coding problems that seem insurmountable (breaking down into smaller parts and then tackling them one by one), you can use it on anything during your day to get yourself into the habit of seeing a biggish issue and not having your first subconscious inclination be to shy away and procrastinate.

For example, today I was responsible for being the sou-chef to Arthur's pizza-making for lunch and when faced with all the veggies to be chopped, my first thought was 'Ugh, this is a lot...', but immediately after, I just compartmentalized each step in my brain, grabbed my first stick of squash and got chop, chop, choppin'.

Use it for anything. Cooking, getting ready in the morning when you just want to scroll Instagram for Five More Minutes™, getting motivated to get to the gym, etc.

Break it all down mentally so that your brain has something concrete to attack.

And then, just get to chop, chop, choppin'.

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