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Showing All the Way Up

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This post was originally published on June 29, 2020 on my blog.

Happy Monday, folks. I usually write in the morning, but today's post is comin' atcha at 7pm, so hi!

I'm really excited for this week and I don't really know why. It's possible that since I had a full, fun weekend 100% away from my computer, I'm just ready to get back into it, but it could just be one of those happy, excited weeks.

I just submitted a rehearsal recording of my CodeLand:Distrubted 2020 talk (I'm so, so excited about it), and I'm happy to have crossed off a big item of this week's to-do's at the beginning of the week.

The rest of this week is all about Ladies Code Collective (launching my podcast!!! communicating with my email list!!!!) and probably returning a bit to my JS course on Udemy to work on a recipe finder app.

We're with it. We're here. We're showing all the way up.

Have a great week! I hope you take a few big steps in the direction of wherever you want to go in life.

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