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React and Time-Blocking

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This post was originally published on August 19, 2020 on my blog.

Good morning! Middle of the week feelings over here - meaning I'm feeling good and things are swimming along nicely.

I've been spending this week experimenting with a new way of working - time-blocking!

I recognize this pattern in myself where I start off working well and not trying to do all the things all the time (which isn't sustainable) to then sneakily trying to actually do all the things... all the time lol.

It's such a sneaky little phenomenon, too. Because all of a sudden I'll feel super stressed and then I'll look at my to-do list and I'll see that I'm piling two or three extra things that can wait. Not great!

(Also lol at me acting as if it's not just me doing this to myself)

But back to time-blocking! I have my morning block from 9am to noon that's usually been reserved for Ladies Code Collective/business-building stuff (slow and steady and one thing everyday instead of all the things, all the time).

And then after lunch, I have my afternoon block which is around 2 to 5pm, where I'll focus on studying and coding (currently working my way through a great book on React and building the test projects within said book).

I'm such a proponent of testing out different systems of working and doubling down on what works well.

And something that works well for me may not work well for others, so that's what's great about trial and error, testing out what works for us, and then keeping track of that.

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