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This post was originally published on August 12, 2020 on my blog.

Happy Wednesday! I didn't get around to scoping out my React study yesterday, so I'm hoping to do that today.

I did however get around to writing out all the copy for a special opt-in I'm preparing for my email list, though! So I'm very excited about that. Keep an eye on this space for that.

Seeing that today is Wednesday, I'll be working on The Ladies Code Collective Podcast all day.

In case you weren't aware (which you actually probably weren't because I don't think I've made it an official thing lol), Wednesday is Podcast Production Day and it's a big deal around here.

Just kidding. Kind of. It's more just the result of a hard and fast habit I've built, which feels amazing because even on the days where I'm dragging my feet, the habitual nature takes over and it's almost as if I have no other choice than to Just Do It. Win.

Keep an eye out for the podcast episode that launches today! Pro-tip: you can sign up for my email newsletter to stay ahead of the curve on episode releases ;)

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P.S. Did you know I have a podcast with new episodes each Wednesday? Go listen right over here >>

P.P.S. Have a coding project you want to work on in a supportive environment of other creative coding women? Come apply for a spot in my upcoming Ladies Code Collective Cohort (space is limited!) >> More info here


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