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alexlsalt profile image Alex Morton ・2 min read

This post was originally published on July 16, 2020 on my blog.

Thursday morning. Feels weird because I had a very long weekend, and yesterday was really the start of my work-week. So, this Thursday feels very Tuesday-ish.

I have a few things on my plate today -

First, I'm going to put in one hour on my Udemy course (I'm seriously almost finished!). In the course, we're working through our final JavaScript project, which uses an API to pull up recipes from different cooking blogs and websites into the app itself.

I think I have around two hours left, and consistently doing around one hour each day has helped me not think of it as a huge project with no end in sight.

Then, I have a podcast accelerator program I want to apply to, so I'm going to open up that application today and start drafting out the responses and overall plan. I'm dedicating about an hour and a half to this.

Lastly, I have a website that I created a few years ago on Squarespace that I want to completely reconstruct on my own using React and a database for all of the information within the site (it's mostly information about cities all over France, so I want to create a database - probably with Firebase - that will hold the data for each city).

That's going to be an overall heavier project where I'll need to focus on it for some time, so I'll probably create an 'Under Construction' landing page today, transfer the domain over, and add in a form to collect email addresses for anyone who wants to be notified when the site has been officially relaunched.

What's on your plate today? I'd love to know what you're currently working on!

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sbu_05 profile image

I've been reading your devjournal blogs for sometime. Just want to say. I find your work really motivational. 🔥 As for me I am currently engaged in random python side-projects with and taking a React Course on Udemy.

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Alex Morton Author

Aw, hi! Thank you so much for this comment, it really made my morning to read it :)

Are you liking your React course? I'm just about to finish my JS Udemy course, and I know my next project will need to use React because it's going to have lots of pages that I just want to dynamically render (rather than creating separate .html files for each).

I feel like I might be able to learn as I go, but I think I might also benefit from going along with a course. Decisions, decisions!

sbu_05 profile image

The course I am doing by Stephen Grider is really long but he is really good at explaining and takes you through a couple of interesting projects. I have to say that I am enjoying his course!

With regards to whether or not you should take a React Course or learn as you go, I can't really say because I haven't gotten to the point where we start routing applications. It depends on you. If you see yourself working with React a lot in the future I recommend the course otherwise I'm pretty sure there are pretty good tutorials on Youtube that can teach just as much as you need to get the ball rolling. The Net Ninja and Traversy Media are great channels. In the long run doing a course would help a lot.

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Dana Ottaviani

I'm brainstorming what project I want to work on next while applying to jobs.

I also changed my schedule to post every other Friday instead of weekly to ease the stress of having to think of a new topic immediately after I post my newest article.

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Alex Morton Author

Hi Dana! I love that time before starting in on a new project - so many ideas swirling around, I'm sure :D

And that definitely sounds like a nice change of schedule. It's the worst to try to write well when we feel too stressed out about making it just right