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"I'm Not Ready"

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This post was originally published on July 7, 2020 on my blog.

So I try to meditate (i.e. sit in silence and not do anything and sometimes achieve this cool, out-of-body spinning sensation) for 10 minutes every morning during the week.

I've been doing it consistently for the past - mmm - four months (?) but have been doing it on-and-off over the past 2-3 years.

Just a quick note - I highly (!!) recommend it to iron out any spikey brain waves and to get your day started on a relatively calm-yet-energized note.

This morning, as I was meditating (with the Dreamy Vibes playlist from Spotify in the background), I noticed this thought pop up in my mind:

"I'm not ready."

Normally during my meditations, I just zone out for a few minutes and am not really all that conscious of any thoughts peeping up. But this morning, I was surprised that that thought was so clear.

It's good to have this clear idea of what exactly I'm thinking because now I can go about my daily tasks while being aware that any resistance to what I'm doing is most likely a direct result of this one thought of not being ready.

Yay for clarity! Yay for doing whatever I was going to do anyway!

Today it's 1) working through a couple sections of API work in my Udemy course, 2) making a minimum of 5 get-out-the-vote calls for Americans abroad, and 3) designing a few media graphics.

What's on your plate? Anything your brain is telling you you're 'not ready' for?

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P.P.S. If you're an American abroad and need any info on voting in this year's election, head to www.votefromabroad.org and make sure you're all set to receive your ballot.


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