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How I'm Training My Brain to Help Me Show Up Each Day

alexlsalt profile image Alex Morton Updated on ・2 min read

This post was originally published on July 3, 2020 on my blog.

It's a chilly Friday morning and I feel good! Got my day all planned out - complete with working out, working on my Udemy course, and getting started with Eleventy for building out a website.

Tonight we're invited over to our neighbors' apartment for an apéro/game night, so we're looking forward to that, too.

I'm learning so much in my JavaScript course on Udemy. Right now, we're working on building a recipe-finding app using an API, and I'm seriously loving it.

The minute you pull up data from another website on your own website's UI is such a game-changer and makes you feel incredible as a developer! I can't wait to build so many more advanced projects this way.

Overall, it's been a great, productive, well-paced week. I've found that planning out my day on paper (in pencil, mind you - in case of changes) has been helping me enormously.

It's almost as if my brain has this semi-concrete plan or overall framework to guide it, and then it works behind the scenes to make sure I show up to everything on the list on time and ready to go.

Highly recommend having a general, written plan for each day if you're trying to get more sh*t done.

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Dana Ottaviani

I enjoy pulling up data from APIs into my apps too. I keep a list of different ones I want to use in future projects.

I prefer to write out my plans as well. I use a bullet journal because it seems so much more concrete then adding tasks to a Google Calendar or some productivity app.

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Alex Morton Author

Dana! I'm the same way with bullet journalling - it definitely feels more certain that I'll do it if I have it written out in front of me.

What are some of your fave APIs that you've already used in your projects?

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Dana Ottaviani

I haven't gotten to use a lot of APIs yet. 😓

But this Pokemon GraphQL API caught my attention and the sprites are cool to use. ❤️

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Alex Morton Author

Gotcha - yeah it seems like we're in the same boat! I'll check out the Pokemon API! :D