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Why do you aim only women?
Do you mean that women differ from men?


There is a real need for studies that cater to women developers, since so many already cater to men whether intentionally or not.

Github’s latest open source survey had 95% male respondents. Stackoverflow’s latest survey had 91.7% male respondents. This survey will be gathering data that we as an industry lack.


Wow, Eli thanks so much for this information. GitHub's annual survey is one of the largest of its kind; I had no idea that female developer participation in it was so low. Now I'm curious as to why... 🤔


I imagine it's because there is a huge shortage of women in tech and while tech companies are frequently pressured to increase diversity which means drawing from a pool that represents less than 20% of developers.

So the real issue here then is that there simply aren't enough female developers, a huge demographic that can be tapped for the overall shortage of developers today. Either not enough women are going into tech or too many are dropping out before making it to a career and it is VERY useful to analyse why this is. Rather than asking "why aren't you hiring women?" we should be asking "why aren't there enough women?".

Don't put your soap box up in the way of productive lines of inquiry.


Hi Oleksandr,

Please read my response to Barry Martin (@bvmcode ); he had similar questions/sentiments to yours.


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