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Why is the demand for full stack MERN developers constantly increasing for business Projects?

alexisdevs profile image Alexis Gilbert Updated on ・2 min read

MERN the word itself is made out of the combination of MongoDB, ExpressJS, ReactJS, NodeJS.

In other words, it’s a fantastic combo of the technical stacks of Frontend, server, and Database together is called MERN. The Developer working with this fantastic combination is called Full stack MERN Developer.

As I have observed in this Developing industry, the demand for MEAN and MERN Fullstack Developers is quite rising compared to other specialized Developers around the world.

We are going to discover the reasons behind this rapidly booming demand for Full stack Mern Developers.

Checkout its demand in last few years yourself it has increased and been increasing since then.

MERN full stack developer

Smooth rendering and better documentation is MERN Developments one of the specialty; however, there are few others lets dig deeper into it further,

Advantages of MERN Full stack Development services:

MERN is a widely preferred technical stack to take your business to the next level. This can become possible due to the Robust frontend technology ReactJS and Open source framework NodeJS, a powerful backup to build highly scalable and rapid server-side applications.

On the other hand, The open-source NoSQL database Mongo DB allows the business to follow Agile culture more accurately. ExpressJS enables you to build feature-rich dynamic portal applications.

The eye-catching benefits Full stack MERN Developers as below,

  1. For smooth development process, it supports MVC architecture
  2. Extensive open source community support
  3. To learn this, the knowledge of JS and JSON is quite enough for developers.
  4. The entire development cycle is covered from frontend to backend with the help of Javascript
  5. A substantial set of testing tools
  6. Can construct a web application from the ground to the top.

Let’s go through other specific developing arenas in which Full stack MERN Developers more desirable.

  • Enterprise App Development
  • E-commerce Web app development
  • Developing web apps in general
  • Scalable CMS Development
  • Porting and Migration
  • Custom App Development

Well, if we think about it, there is no silver bullet in the web development world. MERN Full stack services are everything best comes in a one package deal.

Once you opt for this technical stack, you are getting the best recipe to build a Highly scalable and extensive web application no matter what kind of requirement you have.

Furthermore, suppose you get the assistance of a globally renowned MERN stack Development company. In that case, you are not getting access to the top 1% expert talent but also getting an assurance of building a robust web application when you hire the expert and experienced Full stack MERN Developer!

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thebarefootdev profile image

Here in Europe the demand for React is certainly very high , but I can’t say the express / mongo demand is too visible. Now the cloud is paramount there is less demand for bare metal servers and databases.

alexisdevs profile image
Alexis Gilbert Author • Edited

Yes, in Europe that is true but in the western regions and also in some of eastern Asia part the demand is quite promising as per the research we have done.

thebarefootdev profile image

That's interesting, I'd love to see some of that research, do you have any publications I could read?

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