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Five reasons to use Full Stack React Node js for your next project!

alexisdevs profile image Alexis Gilbert ・3 min read

React js and Node js is considered one of the exceptional technologies of javascript.

The main objective of ReactJS is to provide rapidness, scalability and flexibility to the large size of applications as a robust frontend technology.

Whereas, Nodejs possess a single-threaded nature which allows it to cater to real-time and push-based web applications,

This undoubtedly puts this technology into a strong candidate list for backend technologies.

When these two robust technologies come together in the picture, strong backend and frontend Imagine, how extensive and top-notch web application can be made!

Still not convinced? Okay, I am going to give you the top five reasons why you should get these front end and backend technologies or a Full stack React Node js Developer for your project who can give you prominent results by optimizing these amazing two technologies!

So let’s get started!

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Profound Maintenance for the dynamic web applications

When your web applications fall under Real-time Applications, which have to maintain the real-time data and information Reactjs and Nodejs is the pioneer in such requirements.

It works exceptionally well with such applications due to their nature and primary functionality.

Handles High Server load

Yes, it’s true, often it happens where servers make requests several times in a short span of a period and sometimes if your backend is not strong enough you lost the ability to handle the server load efficiently.

However, this doesn’t happen with noadJS as it is built that way to cater to server request rapidly no matter how much it is, balancing the server load with perfect balance!

full stack react node js developer is the best with a single page application

Single-page applications can be made with the smoothest UI/UX features and utmost user-friendliness with ReactJS with just minimum resources and efforts

Whilst, the backend must be strong enough to handle the database most efficiently, in which NodeJS wins the race quite effortlessly.

Build MERN stack applications

Everyone, working in the industry of web applications is aware of this extensive framework, MERN.

Combination of MongoDB, ExpressJS, ReactJS and finally NodeJS as a cherry on the top of the cake.

This combination nevertheless, one of the robust framework which ideally works best for the sites like E-commerce, banking sector or the healthcare web application.

My point is it works the best even better when the web application is having a larger size and complex in nature.

Building JSON for the APIs

For Javascript object notion the JSON file is widely known for. It facilitates the procedure of transferring the data between your server and web application.

I don’t think I need to state the importance of APIs in the process of the development process here.

As a developer, you must take particular data or input from the user and provide output as a result of that input.

Now nodeJS works as creating a reusable code that can also be accessed by the ReactJS. This process ultimately reduces your efforts and gives you optimum results.

To sum up all things, I believe that now I may have convinced you of this amazing combination of These two robust technologies that can bring some exceptional results to your business project out there.

I suggest you shall get the assistance of an expert on this matter, as they are highly skilled Node.js developer who knows the functionalities of both the technologies and can work very well with both, Otherwise, the technologies are capable of handling your project with utmost functionalities!

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