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Discussion on: From Web Developer to Head of Engineering in under 5 years, AMA

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Alex Gurr Ask Me Anything
  • Taking the initiative.
    Any developer can get handed a task, work on it and behave like a code monkey. Taking the initiative is about trying to make impactful decisions on your own without guidance (as much as you can). Development process a bit crap? Go out of the way to try and improve it of your own accord.

  • Mentoring others.
    Seems simple and it pretty standard, but this is the type of thing that takes you from a developer level to senior and beyond.

  • Having the confidence to move to the next level and ask for things.
    Ask for more responsibility. Ask to manage your own project. You don't get anywhere in life without pushing for things.

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Thank you very much for taking the time to reply! This is great advice. Much appreciated!

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Daniel Mayovsky

I've been having a job for 8 months now, and to be honest I was doing the opposite. Although I am dedicated to what I have to do, I've been living by a simple rule that seems false now: "If nobody asks - nobody needs".

Now that you're quite a clear example where that rule doesn't lead, I am going to abandon it and see what I can do to get the momentum you're getting with your career.