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Discussion on: React coding challenges - what & why

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Alex Gurr Author • Edited on

We actually experimented. We tried stand-alone, but as you said, it made the process too long. We actually turned our 15 minute intro chat into a 30 minute session with the pair exercise at the end of that.

You need to choose a process that fits your company. In a small team I’ve found someone has much more impact so I personally like to be more thorough. In a bigger team it’s usually less of an issue.

Long interview processes aren’t to be a pain in developer’s butts, but to try and give us as interviewers/leaders as much opportunity to make sure they have the practical skills and are the right fit for the team. Even more of a challenge in the current time where market rates for developers has shot up to a ridiculous amount and you don’t want to take risks on people.