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Alexey Zimarev

You do not any "string magic" for Redux. You can easily create constants for all your actions and use them instead of strings.

Redux performs operations based on events. Events in general is a valuable source of information. This was of handling operations allows Redux to have the timeline and the "time machine"-style development tools. I might be wrong assuming this is not the same for Cerebral since I don't know the background of signals.

What also bothers me is that you just declared "no string magic" and I clearly see you do not have store as an object but you have state as a bag, using strings to get and manipulate the state. I am not sure how is this better. The state is also mutable, unlike immutable store in Redux, which is one of the best features of Redux. Immutable store allows writing functional-style code without side effects, basically the idea was taken from Elm.

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Eli Yukelzon Author

Thanks for the comment Alexey. Yes, Cerebral allows time-traveling and the function-tree it has is very much Baobab inspired.

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Aleksey Guryanov

Cerebral 0.x was started also on Elm ideas even before @gaeron decided to make a redux.
In Cerebral 1 we were used models based on Baobab and ImmutableJS. But in Cerebral 2 we were managed to have time-travelling without overhead brought by immutable models.