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We're now an open startup (sign ups, MRR and activity are all public)

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We just deployed our new open startup page, take a look! It's updated daily with all our interesting metrics (the ones we were checking every day anyway!).

This isn't going to be a long post, but let's just talk quickly about why we've done this.


Starting a software as a service (SaaS) company can be a long, slow and winding road for many, we're no exception. We want to show people either thinking of starting a SaaS or already building one that any progress is good progress.


A side effect of having this easy to view dashboard is that people are interested in it! We all want to see how startups are actually doing so this is a good place to do it.

This removes your bluffing ability though, potential customers and clients are able to see how much or how little traffic you're getting.

Ease of use

It's actually more convenient for us to just have these important metrics on a public website. No more connecting to the database and running SQL queries. If we have a metric we're interested in, we'll put it on here!

Get in touch!

Let us know on Twitter if you'd any additional metrics shared, now that we've got this page in place we're happy to expose anything.

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