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re: So, you want to be a Freelance Developer VIEW POST


You can even find some framework specific websites like "vuejobs"


I agree, those niche sites are a lot better for finding decent Jobs than going mainstream.


There are tons of resources and articles (way better than I could write) on this subject. That being said, I have no secret ability or wisdom on that - I'm on Fiverr, LinkedIn, various Reddit communities, follow various Twitter accounts, etc...

I'm actually weak when it comes to networking but I know it's the foundations and number 1 thing to work on when starting out.


I appreciate the honesty. Thanks for the article!


What do you think about upwork? I thought it's #1 resource for freelance job.

Also #1 source of crappy Jobs. Upwork (and other freelancing platforms) deserves alone a 3k words post. Long story short, you need to be very resiliant to have a Minimum of success there. Also, you compete with agencies with armies of low budget workers, and winning gigs it's a work itself. I often suggest It to my students, because if you really want freelancing, those platforms are a good school.

I agree that there are a lot of crappy jobs there. But what is an alternative service to find a freelance job if you don't have a list of your own clients? I didn't try Fiverr, but I guess the amount of developers jobs is much lower there than on upwork.

Yes, totally agree, that's why I recommend those sites to people Who want to start freelancing, it's a lot less frustrating than going cold door.

Anyway, freelancing is not easy task though, so good or bad, the important thing here is learning, adapt and keep going.

Now answering your question, I think It depends in too many factors. I have Friends Happy with upwork. Others with platforms like react/vue/elixir Jobs and the like. In my case, going cold door working for agencies were my most successful way to get freelance gigs.

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