Coding Bootcamp - Backend #1 - Asynchronous code

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A quick recap, After the first 3 week block I'm comfortable using the command line, Git, GitHub, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. I've been taught concepts such as closure, recursion, functional programming, and using classes in OOP. I've also done more katas than I can remember and made some really basic websites in my spare time outside of classes.


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Thanks for the clear explanation, those are difficult concepts to grasp. Out of curioisity which bootcamp are you doing in the UK? I had considered a few myself.


I'm currently at Northcoders Leeds Campus, and they also have a campus in Manchester. I can recommend them, I was a total newcomer to the coding world before I started and have learnt so much in a couple of short months!

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Currently training in JavaScript at a developer bootcamp in the UK, with the goal of securing a software developer role!

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