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Discussion on: 101 Tips For Being A Great Programmer (& Human)

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Alexander Sandberg

Awesome tips! Thanks for sharing, Emma! 😍

My personal favorites:

"39. Take breaks"

So much this. πŸ™Œ It can be difficult to stop working when you just love what you're doing. But more often than not, breaks make you even more productive in the long run. Consistency is key, and you won't be able to keep up an unhealthy habit/routine.

"83. Don't compare yourself to others"

With today's connected society through social media, it's hard to not compare your own accomplishments with others'. But the only way to succeed yourself is to do the actual workβ€”there are no shortcuts.

And remember that we all have something unique to give. Embrace that, don't wish you were in someone else's shoes!

"96. Code for accessibility"

No one should be left behind in this quickly emerging world ❀️