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Quick tutorial on how to get a Dockerized Flask app onto AWS with a fully automated CI/CD pipeline

Alex Damiani
A Python enthusiast, dabbling in other stuff when I can.
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I created a quick tutorial on how to get a containerized (docker) simple hello world flask app onto AWS with a fully automated CI/CD pipeline with GitHub Actions. The video playlist structure is:

  1. Introduction - AWS and other components that will be necessary
  2. AWS IAM - creating AWS user
  3. AWS ECR - Docker image repository
  4. Introduction AWS ECS - what AWS ECS and how the components work together
  5. AWS ECS - getting app hosted on AWS ECS with a load balancer
  6. AWS Security Groups - restricting access to app
  7. AWS Route53 - Selecting domain name for app on AWS
  8. Docker - containerizing flask app with docker
  9. CI/CD with GitHub Actions
  10. AWS SSL - registering SSL certificate for Route53 domain and redirecting HTTP traffic to HTTPS
  11. Accessing AWS RDS Database
  12. Using AWS Secrets Manager to store credentials

Please consider subscribing to the channel if you find the videos helpful. I plan to post more consistently going forward.

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