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How to insert a YouTube video on your website?

Video on the web has become one of the most popular ways to share content, tutorials, information, music, entertainment, and much more. Many people prefer to watch videos than read for information or fun.

Surely when you think about the subject, the first thing that comes to mind is YouTube, the most popular video-sharing site on the Internet.

How to Embed YouTube Videos in WordPress?
The process is very simple.

Step 1. Enter the URL of the video on YouTube.
Step 2. Copy the URL (right click> copy or CTRL + C / CMD + C)
Step 3. Go to the entry or page where you want the video to be shown. In the WordPress editor, just right click> Paste.

When you post or preview it ... the video will appear right there! (It's like magic: P)

If you need to modify properties of the video, you can insert the "Embed" code and modify the dimensions and other properties.

Enter the video again and click on the "Share" tab

Once you have copied and modified the necessary, copy the code that appears there

Paste that same code in the post in the HTML (Text) part of the editor so that the video can appear successfully.

As you can see, inserting YouTube videos in WordPress is a very simple and fast process.

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