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Discussion on: How do you handle unproductive days at work?

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Alex Takitani

I was feeling tired all the time a few months ago, an I tough it was because I was getting old.

Well, I'm getting old, for sure, but it was not only that.

That's what worked for me:

  • Taking vitamins - You probably don't have the most balanced diet and even if you do, you can absorb all those needed little letters, it helped A LOT. I've noticed that I have a lot of energy now than I had before. Some friends tried it and have the same result.

  • Sleep - Maintaining rigid and regular sleep. This one brings a level of wellness that I didn't had for a LONG TIME. Try it, is free sleep and wake you on the same hours every day. Yes, every day even on weekends.

  • Water - Keep yourself hydrated and you'll feel much better

  • Food - Avoid carbohydrates in excess, a low carb diet brings a lot of benefits.

  • Exercises - My dr asked me to do at least 30 min of exercises per day. That made me worried. When I'll do it? I have no time to go to the gym, oh I'm doomed. Then I looked into my house. I have plenty of space to walk there. So I do it. I track my steps on my phone, maintain a regular pace and fulfill more than the dr prescribed. Walking is walking.

That's it :)

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