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9 features for banking app I learned after 1 year work in industry

Hey guys! Here`s the list of the features i experienced while working as a web-developer in VTB. It will be great if you add yours in comments.

  1. Create a responsive design so that your banking website will display correctly on any device, from laptops and personal computers to smartphones and tablets.

  2. Maximize customers’ data security; it should be among your priorities.

  3. Maintain brand integrity, use corporate colors, and develop your design conception to follow.

  4. Make banking website’s navigation simple and clean; it helps enhance user experience.

  5. Make your website accessible for clients with visual disabilities.

  6. Create a corporate blog with financial advice, company news, and helpful tips for clients; unique content will also attract new visitors to your banking website.

  7. Use prominent, creative and appealing calls-to-actions; it’s one of the ways to improve conversions.

  8. Make your banking website search engine friendly; it’s a crucial part of any online marketing strategy.

  9. Integrate marketing automation tools (e.g., lead forms) into your website’s CRM to enhance email communications.

Summary of my thoughts about it you may find here website banking development

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