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re: Saving images in a database or in the project's folder? VIEW POST

re: Depends on the scale(#of users) of your application and frequency of access(lots of upload) . For any medium to large scale website -talking thousa...

The project is not that huge, I am the only one who will post on the blog(in the near future, I hope), the site will also contain some c++ lessons about basic programming. So, I will never store more then 50-100 images. The site will also have some problems to solve and submit the code to check if it's working, and some quizzes.


Hi again 😄. Are you using a static site generator like Gatsby to create your blog? If so, I can definitely say that storing your markdown files (blog files) in the project folder is fine. They even have a plugin for reading from file system and dynamically creating blog pages for you.

Hi :)), I am using Laravel. The blog is almost done, I am just wandering how should I save the photos. The markdown problem is already solved.

you can store the image in the project, and later down the road, if it grows out of control, start outsourcing your image to AWS s3 or a similar service. The process flow for how this would be implemented is:

  1. you add image to aws s3 programmatically or manually using their web client
  2. you save the link to the image location in s3
  3. you update the img src tag to point to the s3 location.

Again this is kinda generic, but there should be plenty of tutorials on how to integrate s3 into your app. Note: you don't need a backend to programatically send images to s3, you can do it from your front end client, but most guides will advise you to refrain from doing this and instead use a backend as a gateway to protect your s3 code.

Thanks, I didn't think about saving images in cloud.

make sure to compress/process the image before uploading, since some high quality images will consume your storage.

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