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Hi, great post mostly encouraging. I tell you what i have been up to after finishing masters degree:
1-i am finishing a certification of 5 exams in october this 2019
2-biggest accomplished project: 1 BPMS as a service system in Colombia with Business Analytics Monitoring Dashboard and a big ESB in the backEnd. This infra is backed up in a private cloud with the nice Dev, Staging and PRod environment.
3-i am also finsihing training in devops (lots of hours and reading)
4-i manage my projects by taking concepts of time management, use of an inbox of ideas, budgetting time, using Trello Boards, documenting procedures in evernote, moving things to done and getting things done.
Atm i am decluttering so many ideas i started to dump into the trello inbox list since 2012.
So i encourage you to work on your own framework, embrace it, improve it, act on it and then at the end of the year do your own self-feedback and reflection.
Maybe i should write a post of this journey.

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