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Paid by jetbrains to advetise their expensive product? I wouldn't spend a penny for an "IDE".


Expensive? 89$ per year? You better get a better job lol! Would you use VSCode if it wasn't free? Jetbrains makes great software and you're probably working twice as hard as you need to if you never use an IDE.


To be fair, you should spend a few hundred extra dollars on your computer to enjoy a snappy JetBrains IDE experience, because you will need a few extra gigs of memory, fast SSD and i7 with lots of L3 cache to speed up code indexing...

You might need to invest every 2-3 years into your machine too keep it up with the hunger of your IDE (and the wasteful projects you might be working with...), so that cost amortizes quite well, IMHO...

I was paying for IntelliJ Ultimate monthly for 2 years but last year I've upgraded to the yearly All Pack version, since they offer substantial discounts for continuous subscribers and they do a really great job! It cost me 190 USD/year, which is ~16 USD/month. That's pretty reasonable for a tool I use daily for work...


Nope I am not sponsored and currently using the EAP version


I used to spend 4-8 hours a month to configure or keep updated my VS Code / Atom. That's roughly $100 MONTHLY.

The WebStorm costs my employer $50 YEARLY. I don't waste that time any more.

WebStorm is CHEAPER than VS Code.


Honestly the time I spend configuring VS Code is time I spend having fun tinkering, so I'm not counting it as lost money. I don't really change my configuration unless I find new cool extensions here or I want to try a new color scheme.

In 20 years I configured and played with so many code editors and IDEs that I got very tired of all of them. Thus WebStorm is a good suit.

Now that you mention it, I've been using VSCode since it was released (Jesus how time goes by...), while before I was on Sublime Text 2 on Mac (definitely the best option back then) since 2008 or 2009. Just a little bit of Atom between 2014 and 2015. I don't remember really playing with extensions until Code made it so easy, I stuck with Monokai and default before.

Well, if someone works for you and having fun tinkering instead of coding, you might change your opinion on the day you pay extra 100 USD to the developer.
That is the point Vasyl is talking about, his employer pays 50 buck per year for a webstorm, and Vasyl is focused on his work, not on setting up vs code.
Personally I am using both phpstorm and vscode with high proficiency, I have set my VScode per my liking, I keep my settings on gist, and whenever I need to change dev machine, its a matter of minutes to get all my settings back.
So no wasting time, pure productivity.

I'm unsure of your point. I change my settings in my spare time after reading dev.to usually. I use the Settings Sync extension too.

In 2020 anyway, VSCode is quite complete anyway that I maybe even can do without them, and just change the font and the theme maybe. My point is that Code is my endgame and there's been 0 reasons to change editor in a long while now.

Frederico, you remind me myself but 10 years ago. πŸ˜€ Passionate!

My life circumstances have changed since. I have a family now, obligations, and about 0 minutes of spare time. Setting up my work environment is a work time activity for me (it wasn't before). I want to be paid for it now.

Also, you remind me the people who don't like Tailwind.css until they write a project using it.

Time flies. πŸ˜€ I miss my mostly free weekends and semi freedom. πŸ˜€

Yeah, I'm currently in an happy place now (and without kids). :P

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