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Discussion on: I need your advice: Interviews.

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Aleksi Kauppila

I sent a link to screencast of myself doing some live coding and reasoning with my solutions along with the usual CV and application.

When i got to the interview i asked a lot of questions. Actually most of the interview was just me asking questions. I was then given a coding nut to solve and after that went well i had a technical interview with a senior developer. Once we concluded the technical interview i had another short interview which allowed the first interviewer to ask me some questions he hadn't have time to ask because all my questions in the initial interview. :)

I learned that asking all those questions were key in advancing in the process. That showed that i was very interested to find the right job for myself. I also feel that the screencast was a quick way to showcase some skills in a more personal way than just pasting a link to github.

Oh yeah, helped me with questions. I used many question from this nugget of gold:

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