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Discussion on: What do I have to do in order to become a very good software developer (full stack)?

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Aleksi Kauppila

Build a lot of stuff. When you bump into a problem, try to figure out if it is a general problem, google it and then learn more about it.

First task is to acquire skills to be able to USE some technologies to be able to build something useful. From first line of code to running it in a production or production-like environment.

In this stage i'd recommend doing a lot of hands on work. Something like 85% practice 15% theory. Once some experience is in place it's a good idea to reflect on things that were hard on then try to study those problems.

When moving forward bringing in more theory to how things work and how to build them well becomes more important. Learning the fundamentals, OOP, FP, refactoring, unit testing, continuous integration and so on. These are things that don't stale in the same way like knowledge of some framework or programming language. This stage will be very good investment to becoming a lot better software developer.

Pairing and mob programming helps learning from your peers. But it's also very important to understand what and how are the industry thought leaders talking about different things. Work environment may not be able to provide an example of good software practices.