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Discussion on: How to do microservices?

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Alejandro Author

Thank you very much for your answer, I was wondering if I was missing a piece of technology on the stack but as far I can see the communication to the services can be done through http requests.

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James Hickey • Edited on

Yes - just using HTTP works fine. You will find that microservices which are built with statically typed languages - like Java or C# - will typically expose client libraries as I had mentioned.

That way, any specific service doesn't need to know the url to another service and all the parameters, etc. They can just use the client which acts as a contract for accessing it.

But using HTTP calls directly in code like you're doing is OK for smaller projects. But then, microservice aren't really useful for smaller projects... lol

Other issues that come up are service discovery (usually services don't have a hard-coded IP or machine name and are on a local network vs being exposed on public urls), dealing with failures (when service A is down and service B is trying to call it - what should it do?), using a pub/sub or message bus, etc.