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Alejandro B
Alejandro B

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What do you recommend for the first steps in database services?

Hello, I'd like to learn about database management.
What advice and recommendations can you give me? What programming languages ​​and IDEs are the best? How to do a good integration with Python?... Anything else I need to know about this?

Thanks a lot in advance!

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Aaron Reese

Learn relational databases first. MySql and SQL Server express for production or SQL Server developer edition for learning. Learn 3rd normal form and referential integrity. Learn indexing strategies and entity-attribute-variabke pattern and when it is bad. Learn locks and transaction scoping. Once you have understood these concepts look at document databases. Mongoose and firebase are probably the easiest to access. Understand why they are really strong for some processes and really bad for others. Any application of scale us likely to benefit from a combination of noSql and RDBMS solutions for performance and scalability

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Margo McCabe