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Discussion on: Stop Doing Coding Tutorials

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Alara Oluwatoyin Joel

Thanks Devon.
So last week a dev made me feel a type of way. He said I was lazy not to be using docs, and rather learning with video tuts and blogposts.

Truth is i also search a lot of things out, and sometimes even spin up somethings on my own.

But yeah maybe I go to heavy on tuts sometimes.

So this is it, I have a full-stack web dev project (a very important one), on right now, and also have a full-stack tut from Traversy. and I wanted to work through how he structured his backend and apply it. I don't know if you get me?
I wanna do it side by side, and search out other things that will fit me.

On the front end, my styling is quite good. But my state logic in react is not 100% yet,
Is it wrong or counterproductive, working through the project this way.
In as much as I want to learn

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Devon Campbell Author

From my perspective, it's not wrong. The problem is with doing tutorial after tutorial and following the script to the letter.

There's nothing wrong with jumping into a tutorial to get what you need to apply to a project. There's nothing wrong with going through a single tutorial. (I do it all the time.) The problem happens when you get addicted to that feeling of completing tutorials, so you do nothing but that. It's like building a Lego set with the instructions. It's great that you can follow the instructions, but what if you smash the Hogwarts and the Millennium Falcon sets together? Can you build something cool on your own using what you've learned?

Just don't get caught in the tutorial trap, and you'll be fine.