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Discussion on: Tips on Designing a Million Dollar Dashboard

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Alan Hylands

Start small. Have you got a data source to work from? Plan it like an actual business project where the Roman Emperor is your customer.

What would Julius Caesar have wanted to see on his weekly dashboard in terms of KPIs for the Empire? Then build that up one step at a time. Even start with something static in Excel to get a framework together and move it up to Power BI or Tableau when you have a clearer picture of what you want to be looking at.

Sounds like an interesting project, be sure to share it with us when you get started.

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Aditya M

It's quite intimidating and out-of-the-way in terms of what I'm doing with my career right now - but if I ever do, I certainly will :D thanks for the info!

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SeattleDataGuy Author

It would be cool to see! If you do happen to develop this you should share it on Tableau Public or in a blog post.