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  • Also around 2001. I'd graduated in Accounting the year before and hated it.
  • I got some part-time work with a management consultant building MS Access databases and doing financial modelling in Excel which would come in handy a bit further down the line.
  • What really changed things up was starting at a graduate fast-track IT program. It was designed to hothouse grads from other disciplines into IT as the local economy was starting to boom in that area. We'd probably call it a bootcamp these days. We learnt VB6, SQL, (classic) ASP, Flash and Javascript. That probably dates it more than any GIF I could post.

The first day I started on the program, the internet went down. Then word started to filter through that a plane had crashed into the World Trade Center. You can probably insert the date yourselves.

After a few months in the bootcamp we were released into the wild knowing slightly more than we had at the start. The after-effects of 9/11 started to be felt jobs-wise though as a lot of US foreign investment in Northern Ireland software companies started to dry up. I got a job as a junior dev and watched every day as more and more of the offices in our business park started to empty and close down.

Fast forward through a couple of bouts of redundancy and subsequent self-employment and I got a job as a data analyst in a bank in early 2007. Boomtime (pre-crash and pre-Credit Crunch which is a story for another time). And I was right back to building Access databases and Excel financial models, just like I'd started out with back in 2001.

"Ka is a wheel" - Stephen King.

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