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Discussion on: Next phase of separation of job titles in web development

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Alain Van Hout

Backend development tends to be quite different, but (depending on context of course) can require just as much creativity as frontend work, while some types of frontend work might be very dull and repetitive.

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Vladimir Jovanović Author • Edited on

Article wasn't a jab at back-end. One cannot live without the other one. It was meant to express that some parts of the back-end development have moved to front-end. Those parts are now being pushed onto front-end developers who clearly don't want to do that.

New generation of JavaScript front-end developers today look more like back-end devs few years ago, before all of this JS framework hype, but they dislike creative parts of this occupation.

When I say "creative", in this context it means visually creative and artistic. That was always implied when it comes to front-end and web design. Of course, you can be creative in back-end, but in a more logical way.

Times are changing, so must we.