re: Is the Tailwind approach a big step forward for CSS or just-yet-another-thing? VIEW POST


At first I thought it was great, but then I saw the bloat arising from templates, quickly becoming unreadable. The flow I use while reading other people's components is to first understand what the template says, then switch to the style if needed, then switch to the logic and start moving back and forth. Tailwind tries to squash the styling into the template and the time it saves while using it is proportional to the extra time someone else will spend on debugging it. I don't like stuffing the templates because people don't want to learn CSS.

Also, PostCSS is a must if you plan on using Tailwind on production and I can say it's pretty demanding to set up, especially with Angular.

TL;DR: what's the point of moving inline-like styling into templates? Time supposedly saved is then doubled while debugging/refactoring. My 2 cents

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