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I was a Mac user for 15+ years, but it feels like Apple doesn't care anymore. I ditched my MBP and my iMac is next.

Now I run a maxed out ThinkPad P1. Windows 10 FastRing. WSL made the switch painless. REALLY looking forward to the release of WSL2.

I thought about a Linux desktop, but all the apps I regularly use have no good alternatives. That, and I just value my time too much to spend so much time tinkering.


Yeah, the tinkering isn’t as prevalent as it use to be. There is some, but many distros work great out of the box. Pop!_OS is one such distro.


I generally stay away from what I call "derivative" distros. Ubuntu and CentOS being the exceptions. For example, Ubuntu isn't going anywhere. Not anytime soon. But knockoff-of-Ubuntu may not last. I prefer to just stick with the main line distro, and avoid all that hassle.

Its really not that much hassle if you’re coming from macOS or Windows 10. Less to worry about in terms of hardware compatibility. Even though its a derivative, its still Linux either way.

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