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Why I prefer JavaScript over Python

Libs. like prisma, typeorm etc. are really great

Nextjs TailwindCSS Typescript Starter

That's really cool.

Nextjs TailwindCSS Typescript Starter

thanks for writing this post. I've the question that don't we...

Why svelte is revolutionary

Just watch and you would be really tempt...

Stack Overflow Usage Metrics: Analyze your copy/paste activities!

is it open source?

Why I prefer JavaScript over Python

I feel that the libraries around web dev and the ecosystem is...

Desktop organization with Python

It's really nice, thanks for sharing it. I got an idea to im...

🧐 Which Terminal Emulator are you using?

Tilix works best for me.

Stop Using React

One solution to all this, use Next JS

July 23rd, 2020: What did you learn this week? CodeLand Edition

That we can use html/css in SVG to create animated SVG easily...

How I created in just 3 Months in my free time

What did you do for state management, like were context and h...

Now, I am a tag moderator at DEV 🎉🎉

Congratulations Mayank, can you share more details how did yo...

What IDE do you use for coding and why?

How is it compared to vim. Ps. I don't intent to start the wa...

Deno. Recoil. Blitz.js. Javascript fatigue is back?

Is Blitz = Nest + Next ?

XML with Python

Have you tried lxml its similar to element tree?

5 React UI Libraries you need to check out in 2020

Also check out Elastic ui,

Best Cloud Functions services to use in 2020

Awsome article, please do one on storage solutions like black...

What was your win this week?

My CLI tool crossed 2k downloads which I built few weeks ba...

Break the chain: SMS chatbot for awareness in times of COVID-19

Thanks bro 😄

Get SMS notifications from GitHub

Hi Athul, you can buy a us phone number and add your perso...

What are your favourite dev resources?

For react and other js related things

What’s a concept you understand now, but took you forever to grasp?

For me it was Redux, I took around 2 weeks to get my head a...