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Discussion on: What IDE do you use for coding and why?

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How is it compared to vim.
Ps. I don't intent to start the war, just curious as vim was had for me to get used to, and i don't know anything about spacemacs or emacs

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Paweł Świątkowski

My problem with Vim was always that you start from scratch and you need to build your own IDE from zero. Unlike with actual programming, I don't like that with tooling. Spacemacs gives me solid and out-of-the-box working defaults which are a bit bloated of course, but then I can gradually cut off things and configure others to my liking. Now, I know there's SpaceVIM nowadays, but it wasn't available (or I just didn't know that) when I picked Spacemacs. Otherwise I'd probably end up using it.

I still use Vim for editing single files and other ad hoc tasks though.