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Discussion on: Solving Problems By Avoiding Them

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It's not an elegant or full solution, so yes, it's a "hack." In other words, we could likely find a much better and more performative solution, even without knowing exactly how to achieve it.

However, does it matter in this context? You mentioned that it sacrifices speed, but your use-case isn't defined as needing to scale. This is where the engineering part collides with software development. If you're limited on time, you can call it complete. You've implemented a solution that solves the problem while acknowledging the shortfalls, and the solution only falls apart while scaling beyond your intended purpose. In a large org or project, you would document the shortfalls of this solution and make sure your team (or maintainers) are aware of the downsides to this solution. Otherwise, pat yourself on the back for solving a weird problem in an ill-suited environment.

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Ben Lovy Author

This is a really great answer, thank you! Of course, it's not quite so simple as "bad" or "good". For now it's allowing me to move on with the program, and if it ends up being a bottleneck, I'll revisit.