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Software testing for Fintech. Part 1

akhobotnya profile image Alex Khobotnya ・1 min read

How many banking or payment apps do you have on your smartphone? Following the Fintech Report 2020 by Statista (, the sector has considerably extended its boundaries this year.

To deliver top-notch solutions and successfully join the growing Fintech movement, companies should masterfully maneuver between the most common challenges arising during the Fintech web or mobile application development:
=> Smooth, simultaneous transactions and real-time processing.
=> Multi-tier functionalities, large-scale storage systems, integrations, transactions and storage systems.
=> Data confidentiality and personal data protection.
=> Quick and efficient troubleshooting.
=> Robustness against security threats and breaches.
=> Compliance with regulatory issues for financial transactions.

The best option is to maintain thorough quality assurance during the software development, before the release, and after important functionality updates.

To employ skilled QA specialists or to partner up with a software testing company that already has experience in testing Fintech apps, the choice is yours. Where will you start?


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