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Discussion on: Longest substring without repeating characters, solving Google interview question.

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Akhil Author

This question was asked for a generalist SWE interviews. If a person applies for a Frontend developer / a Backend developer / NoSQL developer, then questions related to those fields are asked.

Generally, people go with Generalist interview because :
1 > domain related questions go in-depth.
2 > to ask such a question you need a person who knows ins and outs of the domain so someone senior level.
3 > if a domain expert is interviewing you, that means he has taken time out of his daily project goals to interview you, which means a delay in reaching goals and a break of flow.
4 > They want someone who could think about solving the problem irrespective of domain and many real-world applications use algorithms and data structures.

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Saurabh Sharma

Makes sense